Weird Car News: The $6 Million Pickup

weird car news auto history ford f750 world cruiser 2How well do you remember 2008? It was a year pinged by political and technological milestones and memorably outrageous earmarks. We were Introduced to the Apple iPhone 3g, the Amazon Kindle, and watched intently as the Go-Green industry poised itself for explosive growth. We bore witness as Illinois senator Barack Obama entered the White House as our 44th president, while a bantam group of representatives from Washington and Oregon busied themselves gaining nearly $500k in the FY appropriations bill for beer’s main ingredient, Hops (because long live the brew, that’s why!) In the meantime, a scant few of us glimpsed the birth of the $6 million Pickup. Yes, that’s right! Are you in the market for something bigger than a car? How about something bigger than TWENTY CARS? Are you also looking for something weird (and kinda cool) to blow millions of dollars on frivolously? Then have I got news for you! The Ford F-750 World Cruiser could be yours!

The foundation for the World Cruiser is the Ford F-750; A class 8 medium duty truck typically utilized as a large flatbed or dump truck or outfitted with an array of heavy equipment including cherry pickers, small cranes, large water tanks or concrete mixers. The first generation of these behemoths was produced from 2000-2014 as the replacement for its predecessors, the F-700/F-800 line, and came standard with one of 2 diesel engines: A 7.2 Liter Caterpillar in-line 6 or a 6.7 Liter Cummins in-line 6. While this may not sound like the ideal framework for a luxury touring vehicle, masters of luxury and military grade 4×4’s, Dunkel Industries, visualized just that.

We can rebuild it! We have the technology! Better, stronger, faster and with WAY more amenities. The World Cruiser boasts a full kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations for six. And if the lavish interior wasn’t enough, the World Cruiser flaunts an outboard projector coupled with a set of massive 12” speakers. This colossus is driven by a Caterpillar Turbo Diesel engine, producing a remarkable 1,200 lb.-ft. of torque capable of hauling a staggering 4 tons of cargo.  The final cost of this project weighed in at a jaw dropping $6 million, well in excess of its original $2 million budget.

The world Cruiser Went to auction, but unfortunately the bidding fell starkly short of the cringe-inducing price tag and continues to remain in their possession. This hasn’t fazed them however, as they’ve replicated this design more cost effectively into another line of “Luxury 4×4’s” staged for auction in Abu-Dhabi. Their motto?  “Dunkel industries was built on the childhood dream of never having to stop because the trail was ‘more than the RV could handle.'”

weird car news auto history ford f750 world cruiser


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